Fantasizing about something is one thing. I’m in my own head, so who’s ever going to know that I wondered what it might be like to get fucked by a mersquid? I can go deep imagining that and never have to worry about seeming freaky.

But writing about it? Well, now I’m telling the world I thought about something with tentacles getting all up in me. Er, my character. All up in my main character. I’m not saying I fondled an octopus at the local aquarium, jeez no! But I might’ve stared a little longer than most people did and done some research later on about their, um, anatomy.

I’m coming out as a monster fucker.

And I’m totally being dramatic there, but that’s how it felt when I was writing The Sea Monster’s Mate. I had to find a way to make it not only plausible that a human man would be able to get turned on by a mersquid, but that he’d eventually fall in love with them too.

In order to do that, I had to find the man inside the monster.

I’ll be honest, I started thinking of the non-human half of the couples as a man in a costume. Yes, okay, they’d have their own culture and experiences as someone non-human, but below the surface, they were just regular people. They had to be for the humans to relate to them, think sexy thoughts about them, and want to spend the rest of their lives with them.

Which meant that my mersquid is just an ocean-dwelling paraplegic with prosthetic limbs. Bigfoot is a scavenging hippy who lives rough in a Canadian forest. My vampire is just a man with a very specific diet and photosensitive skin. My unicorn is a sensitive conservationist on a mission. And my alien is a dedicated researcher with some medical-themed kinks.

So while you’ll get to read about some amazing sexual experiences, you’ll also get to know some really great guys who are working through a few things that are in the way of their happily ever afters.

Because monsters are sexy too.

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