Some time ago, I saw a series of gender-swapped Disney characters like this one of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. It got me thinking about how much of the stories wouldn’t have changed at all if the heroes were a different gender. Sure, some of them would have a tougher time if they were LGBT retellings of the stories, but if Ariel became Aaron and Prince Eric was Princess Erica…same story.

Thinking on that eventually led me to learn more about these half squid/octopus people and discovering that they’ve been around for a long time. Native Americans have myths about Octopus People fighting Raven People according to Warriors of Myth Wiki, which other sites source.

And having learned more about these people and the fan reaction to them led me to imagine Tyfodorus in The Sea Monster’s Mate.

So there you have it, the inspiration behind this story of a mersquid and the man who falls in love with them. That’s the power of art too!

Ursula Genderswap
Art by @SakimiChanArt

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