It’s here! The Sea Monster’s Mate, my very first book, is now available for everyone to buy in all the stores.

Oh shit.

No, it’s cool. I’m fine. I’ll just be over here in the corner breathing into a paper bag for the next 24 hours. Totally fine.

This is the weirdest mix of anxiety — will they like it? — and excitement — I wrote a book! — that I’ve ever experienced. I could vomit. I’ve been thinking about trying to do a cartwheel. It could go either way.

Thanks for coming on this adventure with me!

When you buy this book, you’ll get a sweet and sexy insta-love story with tentacles in naughty places, very low angst, some MPreg-ish moments, and a bunch of cute alien babies. What’s not to love?

Eric Baird made the decision to abandon modern conveniences and his prejudiced family for a simple island life. He has a small cabin and a lagoon all to himself and, though he’s sometimes lonely, he’s mostly relieved that he can finally be free.

But one lazy afternoon swim takes a dangerous turn when a cramp has Eric struggling not to drown. Suddenly, someone saves him, and he’s ever so grateful…until he sees who it is.

Tyfodorus is a Cecaelia who has a rather human upper body and a definitely squid lower half. As if a mersquid in his lagoon isn’t enough to knock the socks off Eric, Ty lets him know they’re here to breed. Would Eric be the host to Ty’s six eggs? Pretty please?

Eric gets to know Ty and agrees, resulting in some amazing sex and six little highly intelligent, totally adorable hatchlings. As they adjust to living as a family in the lagoon, they also have to understand just how genetically compatible they are, deal with a shipwreck survivor, and make plans for their future together.

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