I hope you’re doing well out there. We’re slowly coming out of quarantine and businesses are reopening here, though my day job is letting us continue working from home through the end of June. I’m not feeling ready to get back to “normal” so I’m still limiting my activities and staying home. I think it might be easier for me since I’m such an introvert anyway.

Book Update

I wanted to let you know that I’ve finished the first draft of THE BIGFOOT’S MATE and it’s off to my alpha reader right now. Alpha reader? Yep, she gets the first crack at everything to help me see things from a reader’s point of view. I get caught up in making the story hit all the points I wanted to make and might not be able to see the forest for the trees, you know? So she lets me know where I still need to work on the story or characters to make everything the best it can be. When she’s done, it should only be a few weeks before I can schedule a release date. Stay tuned!

I’ve also redesigned the cover to make it a little more specific to exactly what the story includes. I mean, I don’t want someone to think it’s about a dude with big feet! LOL 😂 So here’s a look at the new cover with a Bigfoot on it.

Now it’s clear that this is a story about someone becoming the mate of a growly, hairy legend of the forest, right? (He’s actually a sweetheart, but he has a few fierce moments of mate protection, too.)

If you’d like a little peek into when Ramsey meets his Bigfoot, hop over to the book page for an excerpt and photo inspiration.

Next time, I’ll have release date information and maybe a giveaway for advanced copies!

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