So writing The Incubus’s Mate has been something of a struggle lately. I think part of the problem was that I had tons of ideas for a bunch of upcoming books. I write everything down, of course, but then I felt torn between which book to dive into. I’m not sure I can write multiple books at once, so I needed to buckle down and get working on one of them.

Technically, that was meant to be The Incubus’s Mate. It’s next in the order I decided long before I was writing about sea monsters.

But the writing wouldn’t happen. For weeks I’ve been staring at a blank page, knowing what I need to write, but being unable to do it.

Thankfully, I’ve realized the reason was that, though I had the story, I didn’t have the characters fully fleshed out. Who are these men? I know what they need and what they’re struggling with, but how do they feel about everything? How do they react?

Man, it’s nice to have those things figured out now! And because I’ve got a better handle on the characters, I’ve created a new cover for the book. Now Sai Patel gives a little sass with his incubus horns, and I think this cover works much better.

Stay tuned for more about The Incubus’s Mate!

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  1. I’ve read everything you’ve published so many times that if they were physical books, the pages would be completely worn. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this consumed by a new author and I can’t wait for this book to be finished!

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