Catching Carter by Delaney Rain

I’ve written another short story from within the universe of The Sea Monster’s Mate!

Inspired by the requests from my mailing list members and stuck on writing The Incubus’s Mate, I turned to writing Catching Cater. In this story, you’ll learn more about Lyohasius, Ty’s parent, and how they came to arrive at Eric’s island at the end of The Sea Monster’s Mate. You’ll also get to know Hessan, Carter, Angelica, Steve, Holly, and the twins, Jonah and Kevin.

Here’s the official description:

Separated from their sibling Hessan during a hurricane, Lyohasius is desperate to find them. Being alone is not a state Lyohasius can bear, and finding other Cecaelia in the oceans of the world is never easy. They cannot give up on reuniting with Hessan.

When they do find each other, Hessan tells Lyohasius of their love for the human who rescued them from certain death after they were washed ashore. And now Hessan wishes for Lyohasius to meet his human’s sibling and possibly find love for themself. Skeptical to their core about love and humans, Lyohasius follows Hessan anyway.

Acting on instinct when they arrive in the Gulf, Lyohasius finds themself catching a human named Carter to save him from an angry alligator. The impact of Carter on Lyohasius’s life will change everything for this lonely Cecaelia, finally giving them the connections they’ve longed for.

This 16,000-word/64-page short story is a sweet and sexy instalove tale with tentacles in naughty places, low angst, and an HFN ending. It is best read after The Sea Monster’s Mate and is not a standalone story.

This story is available FREE to my mailing list subscribers, though I may bundle it and any other short stories from this universe for sale later on.

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9 Responses

  1. A lovely short story, so sweet and funny 🙂 Thank you Delaney for the nice suprise! I hope we will get more stories in the “The Seamonster’s Mate”-Universe as there are more potential couples.

  2. I liked reading this story and getting to know more of the characters. I’d like to see more stories from this world.

  3. This was a great short story. It was fun and sweet. I loved how innocent some of the interactions were. Looking forward to more stories like this one.

  4. Catching Carter is a sweet and steamy book. I enjoyed reading it, and I am looking for the rest of the series to add to my collection. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. It’s so sweet and heart-warming! I love nearly all the characters so much, especially Ty and Eric!😇 Your books made my day and thank you for writing such an endearing story.

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