Well, there goes my resolution to write monthly updates! Is it seriously March already? I can’t really say I’m sorry to see the days flying by, but I did honestly mean to keep you better informed of what I’m doing to get new books in your hands.

And now I have to say that it’s been rough getting words on the page. I’m not the fastest writer anyway, but this is turning out to be so slow that it’s frustrating me. I’m trying not to pressure myself too much and I am writing almost daily, so that’s something. I’m hopeful I’ll actually have two stories for you in a couple more months.

There's a Vampire Again?

Yes, there is! While writing The Incubus’s Mate – which stars a dentist’s office receptionist – I realized I still needed to know who the dentist was and how he came to have a vampire lover. While mulling over all of that, I realized I was plotting a short story! So you’ll get a chance to have the companion short story before The Incubus’s Mate is released. That way, you’ll be able to understand just how a mild-mannered dentist got mixed up with monsters. Yay!

The Dentist's Vampire by Delaney Rain

Website Updates

I’ve updated my website to now include my writing progress updates for every unfinished book, including companion short stories. On the homepage, you’ll see the books I’m most actively writing, so right now that’s The Incubus’s Mate and its companion short story, The Dentist’s Vampire.

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