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The Dentist’s Vampire

The Dentist's Vampire by Delaney Rain

I couldn’t resist writing about how two of the secondary characters from the forthcoming The Incubus’s Mate met and fell for each other.

Here’s the official description:

If something doesn’t change soon, Josh Royce going to lose the solo dental practice he’s worked so hard to establish. He needs patients, but the locals don’t seem interested despite everything he’s tried to draw them in.

Then one night, he discovers a man who’s been attacked by  thugs. Since Victor’s lost a tooth in the scuffle, Josh is confident he can help. But then Josh realizes the tooth is a fang and Victor believes he’s a vampire.

Josh also discovers a fetish for being bitten during sex and a talent for working with supernatural patients.

Could being a dentist to monsters save his practice and bring him the forever love he’s been longing for?

This 17,000-word/65-page short story where a dentist learns about the supernatural, vampires bite during sexy times, and all kinds of monsters need dental work. It can be read before or after The Incubus’s Mate and could be considered a standalone book.

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  1. Ozzie_Roe

    Awwwwe it was so cute and fluffy 🥰 I really liked the interactions between Josh and Victor, both the sexy and normal one ;). Also I won’t be mad if you decided to do more short stories/novellas featuring Josh and Victor. I can just imagine Josh’s reaction to anytime he meets a new member of the supernatural community and Victor being slightly possessive of Josh. Also I can’t wait for Sai and Edgar story.

  2. Michaela

    I loved this story! It was funny and sexy and I just loved the charcaters. I’m looking forward to Sai’s Story and hopefully some more of Josh and Victor 🙂 I’m so happy that you write so many stories in your monster-universe and I’m looking forward to the next ones!

  3. Romance Book Reviews

    Loved it! It was easy to read in one sitting. Cute story between a human and a vampire.

    1. Josephine

      I loved the book! Even thought it was a short story, the story never felt rushed or like something was missing. I really enjoyed the romance between Victor and Josh.

  4. Stephanie

    I really enjoyed this story. They were so cute together and I would sooo love to know more about their love story!

  5. Shaira

    This was a great and delightful read! The thing I enjoy much about this author is that their ideas are super unique and refreshing. Every book I read always left me with a satisfied feeling and a smile at the end. And Josh and Victor’s book did just the same. Can’t wait to learn more about Sai’s story next. Please do check the other books of this author. They might not be the norm, but they’re super delightful – they might even surprise you. Just keep an open mind and you won’t regret it.

  6. Freddy

    I really enjoy this story. There is maybe a story about Sai. Short Story, easy to read. Usually I don‘t read stories about vampires, bot yours was fun.

  7. Shante’

    Okay Josh and Victor are such a cute couple. I mean a vampire/bunny is just adorable! This was truly the kind of story that pulls you in for a good afternoon break.

  8. Debra

    I loved this book 5 stars it was cute and fluffy and I can’t wait for more stories!

  9. KJ

    Continues the trend of previous books by this author that I’ve read: super cute and completely enjoyable! A big thank you to Delaney for sharing this story, and all of her others.

  10. Anne Shure

    This was a trademark Delaney Rain story, with insta-love, humor, and lots of sexy times. Josh the dentist got more than he’d bargained for when he rescued Victor after an attack in a park—a forever love, an introduction to the supernatural community he’d been unaware of, and a bunch of new, non-human patients for his struggling practice. I found Josh’s internal dialogue laugh-out-loud funny at times, and enjoyed his interactions with receptionist/incubus Sai. And I loved how Victor managed to sweep Josh off his feet and into a whirlwind romance. I’m looking forward to Sai’s tale, and to Josh’s and Victor’s cameos in it!

  11. Ping

    A vampire and a dentist, huh…The combination was quite charming. So unexpected!
    This worked so well even if it was really short just a few chapters but the author used every opportunity to build up the world and the characters in it.
    Adorable Josh and shy slash aggressive Victor (his full name tempts you to do a tongue twister game too— which maaayyybee I didn’t try😅) will leave you smiling and showing your full set of teeth. Their sexy times were romantic, a bit of instalove in there. That biting part which enhances Josh’s pleasure was really sensual, I liked that too. Can’t wait for Sai’s story, I want more from her, so glad I saw this on my friend’s goodreads tbr page and read it.

  12. Joan

    What a delightful and endearing story! I loved it! This was a quick read and allowed me to check out of everyday life and enjoy a few moments in this universe as I read about Josh and Victor. A dentist for paranormals. Why not? The acceptance of paranormal beings by Josh was great to see considering he was surrounded by them and didn’t know it. And then I wondered if there would be more…please can I have some more?

  13. Mirjam

    This was a fun an quirky short read. I loved the premise of a vampire visiting a dentist, and subsequently becoming the dentist to the Supernatural beings!

    Awesome, and I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to more of this.

  14. Leslie Zak

    I so much enjoyed this unique and delightful short story. Josh is a struggling dentist in desperate need for more business. One night he comes to the rescue of a man beaten by thugs in the park. The victim is very upset about the loss of a tooth which Josh is happy to help with. Our victim is a vampire and his tooth is a fang.he needs for feeding. It is so humorous to see Josh’s introduction to the supernatural world and to the romance with Victor his vampire. The receptionist is an incubus and between him and our vampire telling the supernatural world about his practice Josh becomes the dentist for all shifters and other paranormal beings. I loved it and look forward to more stories by this talented author.

  15. Marie

    I saw another reviewer give some of this author 5 star reviews, looked at the synopsis and thought this looks like my kind of fun read.

    This is the first book I read by Delaney. Mostly because the idea of a vampire needing a dentist really amused me. This is a cute book with a sweet, yet dominant vampire and a human dentist who starts out by doing a nice thing and is thrown into a new world. It’s a great taster of what’s to come.

  16. Tammy

    I loved this sweet short! It was such a great addition to the Incubus’ Mate, which I would also highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  17. Soraya

    It’s sweet and cute, but this story also has a lot of worldbuilding in it. I enjoyed the biology developed here. I don’t think I’ve read a story before that goes into so much biology on Vampire fangs. But since we’re following a dentist that biology lesson makes total sense and blends into the story. This is the first story I’ve read by this author, but it bodes well for strong worldbuilding in other stories.

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