When I first titled this book The Space Alien’s Mate, I think I meant to make sure people knew the story would take place in outer space. That fact makes it unique to my books, which all take place on Earth, so I’m pretty sure I wanted to make that distinction clear.

But I don’t feel that way anymore. Space aliens are aliens, and I think we all know where they spend a lot of their time. So the new title of the book is The Alien’s Mate.

I’ve also added a little silhouette of poor Lucius getting beamed up into Frisk’s spaceship—bum first, of course, because there will be probing in Luc’s future.

And here’s a little description of what you can look forward to:

This book features a barely legal guy abducted by aliens, the discovery of a medical kink, a frustrating language barrier, and lots of sexual experimentation with a guaranteed HEA.

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