I wrote a book in 3 months! I can barely believe it, but this book absolutely flowed out of me. I’ve never had that happen before, but I hope it means this is one heck of an awesome read.

The Aliens' Mate

Luc Martin was abducted by aliens over a month ago and has been stuck in a cage on a spaceship with three women ever since. On either side of their cell are two alien prisoners who both seem to have a thing to staring at Luc. Oh and everyone’s naked.

Then comes the moment when escape is possible, and Luc makes the decision to free Bolaico and Teranu in the hopes that they know how to do more than he does. And boy do they! A fight through the ship, stealing a shuttle, and crash landing on a strange planet get the group of five away from their abductors…but now what?

Following through on the idea that Luc could be the aliens’ thank you gift for all their help sees him giving into desires up in a tree and in a hot springs pool inside a cave. As time passes, and despite a language barrier with both aliens, Luc discovers he’s begun to care about his aliens. But do they feel the same?

When their captors track them down and force a confrontation that includes the native population on this planet, their futures will be decided by the choices that they make. When Luc’s aliens have the chance to return to their lives, where does he fit in?

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  1. I guess this is why you should always pay attention to where the punctuation is…had no clue that The Alien’s Mate turned into The Aliens’ Mate!

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