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The Park Ranger’s Werewolf

You asked for it, so here it is!

This is how Alder and McGregor, side characters in The Incubus’s Mate and The Dentist’s Vampire, met and started falling in love.

Park Ranger Alder Vale is in the forest to find what he thinks is probably a stray, large breed dog. He never imagined that he might discover that werewolves are real.

And now McGregor Fyfe is convinced that Alder is the man for him. He’s willing to take things slowly, but he knows Alder is his mate and he’s not going to give up on him.

But Alder has spent his life being pushed away every time someone finds out he’s gay. Can he trust the unwavering acceptance and promises of forever from a man—a werewolf—that he just met?

This 7,000-word/18-page short story where a lonely park ranger learns about the supernatural, werewolves can’t resist knotting their mates, and one day is all it takes. It can be read before or after The Incubus’s Mate and could be considered a standalone book.

The Park Ranger's Werewolf by Delaney Rain

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  1. Rebecca

    Gahhh, finally! I’ve been waiting for more of McGregor and I still want more, lol! I think Alder and McGregor have beat out Victor and Josh as my favorite IM couple!

  2. Michaela

    This short story was so fun and sweet! It was great to get to know both characters a bit more. I love how Delaney keeps expanding her monster universe <3

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