A Beginner’s Guide to Christmas Miracles

by Shannon Mae

Nachielus (not Nicholas) may have gotten into a bit of trouble over unsanctioned miracles, ending up on the upstairs’ naughty list. Sure, maybe he’d gotten a little carried away with the whole Christmas thing, but he hadn’t meant to become a part of folklore, and surely that wasn’t a reason to bury him in centuries of paperwork. Banned from topside and missing his favorite holiday, he gets a push from a certain demon to pop up and have a look around. When he meets Beckett, a Christmas-loving elf enthusiast who mistakes him for the Santa hired for a fundraiser, how can he say no? Next thing he knows, Nach is in over his head again, because this is one human he can’t resist.

Beck's Christmas is merry and bright, especially after he encounters Nach, the hottie in questionable Santa attire. Nach's kindness, generosity, and charm have Beck falling faster than a snowflake. With no place to stay, obviously Beck needs to bring Nach home with him. Beck never believed in love at first sight before, but there’s just something about Nach that calls to him, and it isn’t long before he’s trying to figure out to keep this sexy Santa all to himself.

Tags: Beck is living his own Christmas rom-com, complete with a meet cute and lots of Christmas kisses; Nach never means to cause trouble—it just seems to find him (and the reindeer thing was definitely not his fault); Nach has a very loose definition of what constitutes a miracle; corporate Scrooges try to suck the fun out of Christmas (but don’t worry, they don’t succeed); Nach is an angel of joy of fulfillment, so expect plenty of joy… and fulfillment (wink, wink).

A Beginner’s Guide to Christmas Miracles is a 30k novella bursting with laughs, holiday spirit, and a Happily Ever After that even the Grinch would approve of. Get ready for festive chaos, Christmas kisses, and a love story weirder than Grandma's fruitcake.

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About the Author

Shannon Mae began her journey in the M/M romance world as an avid reader, then a beta reader, and eventually an editor who works with the unparalleled Tammy B. PA from Aspen Tree E.A.S. When a dear friend suggested she should write her own book, she decided to do just that. She gravitates to writing paranormal romance, since that genre is her first love, and her books tend to be low-angst and filled with happily-ever-afters.

Shannon is an unfailing optimist with a side of snark and sarcasm. When she isn't editing, writing, or working her day job, which she loves, you'll find her on some outdoor adventure or embarking on a hands-on project (that is probably slightly more complex than she thought it was). She lives in a small, seaside town on the east coast, and she spends her free time with her eye-rolling, sassy teenage daughter and her adorably loving dog.

Life is a place full of mysteries and wonders, and she hopes to capture that joy and fun in her writing, Adding some fun, sexy times makes it all complete. Happy reading!

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