Bite Sized Fate

by Toby Wise

Book Cover: Bite Sized Fate
Part of the A Collection of Strays series:
  • Bite Sized Fate

How was I supposed to know one night of fun would change my life forever? I’ve always pushed the possibility of love away. When you’re a vampire, it’s safer to be alone than to never grow old with the one you love. All my rules go right out the window when Yasha comes strolling back into my life with a bump hiding under his jacket. ~ Tony

When I brought the beautiful man back home with me, I never dreamed it would end with this. Tony won’t have to sacrifice love, because I’m a vampire too and according to the bun in my oven, he’s my one true mate. I’m not going anywhere, as long as he doesn’t push me away. ~Yasha

Bite Sized Fate is a 10k short in the Collection of Strays universe. Inside you’ll find vampires, quirky clan mates, found family, and of course, Lady Fate interfering to bring everyone a happily ever after.


About the Author

Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a tiny town in Wisconsin. Contrary to popular Wisconsin stereotypes, he’s not a cheese-head who loves football but rather an introvert who spends all his time on the internet, drinking coffee, spending time with his kid, and cooing about his adorable cat, Pikachu.

In April of 2019, A Collection of Strays was born after the world of fanfiction drew him back into his love of writing. Now he’s writing all things omegaverse as long as it includes silly moments and found family.

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