Dating a Demon

by Amy Padilla

Book Cover: Dating a Demon
Part of the Dallying with Demons series:
  • Dating a Demon

Brandon had gone his whole life without experiencing the kind of connection that he’d always wanted. So when his best friend offers to set him up on a blind date, he decides it can’t hurt to try. He never expected Callum. He’s bigger, taller, and more dominant, and exactly what Brandon had always hoped for. He's also a demon.

Callum didn’t usually date humans. It was a rule he and his friends had followed since the integration. But one night with Brandon wasn’t enough for him. And there’s more to their connection than what happens in bed. Something he’d only ever heard about, and never dreamed would be his.

But when the outside world starts poking at their budding relationship, they both need to decide if the feelings stirring in their chest are worth the fight. Or if this was always meant to be one night.

Tags: Shy giants, Sexy Demons, Brandon finally isn’t the biggest guy in the room, experimenting, flirting, pet names, Brandon gets to be the little spoon, mates, sassy oracles know too much, jealous best friends, brothers are annoying, Callum makes them regret it, cuddles, sixty nines, adorable fluff, a little bloodshed, and lots of spice.


About the Author

Amy is an introverted squish who loves Happily Ever Afters, Magic, and True Love. While she doesn't stick with one specific subgenre, her favorite tends to be fluffy paranormal romance. In between writing books (like several. At one time. Because squirrel.) Amy likes to read and play relaxing video games. Her kindle is stuffed with romance and she hoards trophy books on her shelves. You can find her most nights pretending to be fancy with a glass of sparkling cider and a good book.

Send her a message. She might be an introvert, but she won't resist being adopted by an extrovert.