Demon’s Captive Omega

by Sera Bishop

Book Cover: Demon's Captive Omega
Part of the Court of the Hollow King series:
  • Demon's Captive Omega

I’m a demon alpha with blood on my hands. He’s a gentle omega angel. I’m not worthy of him—but when an accidental bond ties us together, I’ll kill to keep him safe.

I’ve been a soldier of Hell for a hundred years, immersed in bloodshed and carnage. Then a terrible battle leaves me on the brink of death. To save my life, I’m brought to Vasia, Hell’s enslaved angel healer.

The first time the angel touches me his soul bonds with mine, revealing my true nature: I’m the alpha to his omega. I can’t deny the pull of the bond, no matter how much I want to. I crave his sweet touch. His innocence fuels my dark fantasies. And no one in Hell’s treacherous Court can know.

Barren and denied a mate by his own people, Vasia embraces our bond like he’s starved for it. Through our connection, he yearns for me. He believes in the man I could be instead of the demon I am. I’d do anything to keep him from harm—even defy the King of Hell himself.

But angels can’t survive in Hell, and Vasia’s life depends on the most dangerous thing of all. The one thing I don’t believe in. The one thing I can’t give him.



About the Author

I'm a long-time reader who loves all things dark and MM. I have a huge soft spot for big, over-protective alphas—arrogant, deadly, kinda thick when it comes to feelings…but they’d do anything for their true mate. And they can’t help being drawn to the omega type who’s never fit in.

My readers are always guaranteed high heat, forever love, and intense, immersive worlds.