Double Bigfoot Trouble

by Delaney Rain

Book Cover: Double Bigfoot Trouble
Part of the Delaney's Bigfoot series:

Huck Savage used to think he was a pretty awesome TV personality. Nowadays, though, he’s just schlepping around the country pretending to find evidence of the supernatural and, wow, is he done doing that. But quitting without a fallback or even a vague plan isn’t something he can handle.

Everything changes when Huck discovers two Bigfoot in flagrante delicto who then decide to include Huck in their fiery passions. And not only is that the best he’s ever known, he’s also feeling loved better than ever before. So he gets his Bigfoot lovers a mobile phone and comes back to them whenever he can get away from the next shoot.

And then Huck and the crew of Prowl’s Is It Out There? show find themselves in Baker, Idaho, on the Rebecca Merz Nature Reserve to do a show about Bigfoot. Huck’s are well aware of the community near Baker and so meet Huck there. But there’s more the Baker than any of them realize and maybe, just maybe, that could be where they all make their new home.

Telling family and friends where they’re going to live requires a road trip that ends up being a car chase when a very unhappy fan refuses to allow Huck to get away with keeping the truth about Bigfoot a secret from the world. Can these three shake off her interest and finally have the happy ending they deserve?

Double Bigfoot Trouble includes two Bigfoot and one human man, outdoor shenanigans, sneaking around, found family, a roadtrip, evading capture, one disgruntled fan, and a reunion of previous Is It Out There? show hosts, Clark and Max, who'll meet Ramsey, Vaughn, and Huck—and all of their supernatural mates.

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Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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