Elias and the Egg

by Mere Rain

Trajan is descended from dragons. He mostly passes for human—except when it comes to reproduction. His kind don't take mates, finding partners only long enough to incubate their eggs. Caught unprepared by a rare fertile period and longing for a child, Trajan takes a human back to his hotel. He knows it's wrong to use Elias without telling him the truth, but it's only for a few days. No harm done. After all, there's no reason for them to see each other again. Even if the sex is amazing, and Elias is sweet, and Trajan has suddenly realized he isn't sure how to take care of a baby after it comes out of the egg...

Elias’ life has been nothing but hardship since his parents kicked him out. A night in a swank hotel with a man who seems kind is at least a warm bed for once. And the sex is great, if a bit...intense. But then Trajan starts talking about dragons and eggs. Is Trajan crazy, or is Elias actually having an egg? And which is scarier? Trajan tells him he can leave in a couple days, but how do you forget an experience like this? Elias isn't sure he wants to, especially if he’s really having a baby.

Neither of them knows what they want. But with every day that passes, it gets harder to say goodbye.


About the Author

Mere Rain is an international nonentity of mystery. Mere likes travel, food, art, mythology, and you.