Eros Station

by Sadie Stone

"Oh, human. I like that look on your face."

I was sent to Eros Station as a diplomat–the first human on board an alien space station. My job was simple: work out the details of a mutually beneficial deal between humans and Erosi. We needed transport to a colony planet and in exchange we’d give them human seed to help with their fertility problem. Seemed pretty straightforward.

I had sacrificed free time, friendships, and love to get here. I thought I was prepared for this assignment. I thought I could control my body. I was wrong.

Pairs, groups, solo–the Erosi expressed their passion and desire out in the open for everyone to see…I couldn’t stop staring. And the more they watched me, the more I ached for release. It was intriguing. Mortifying. Titillating. I loved it.

This is the complete collection of Damien Hollister’s experiences on Eros Station.

**Bared before the Aliens**

I was here to work, not explore my newfound kinks on Eros Station.

**Displayed before the Aliens**

Arlex was the ringmaster. He teased, aroused, and wrung me out in front of everyone.

**Flaunted before the Aliens**

Arlex touched and played my body like a fine-tuned instrument, but I wanted more. I wanted him.

**Paraded before the Aliens**

These were Erosi. They enjoyed watching me. And Arlex and I were happy to give them a show.


About the Author

Sadie Stone likes writing about demons, aliens, and monsters and the humans they love. Her short stories are always spicy and always have Happily Ever Afters.