For nEver Mine

by Odessa Hywell

How far would you go to protect your brother?

When Shiloh, a young alpha, realizes his omega brother is being mistreated by the brutal pack he was sent to help, he refuses to stand idly by while Riley suffers. In order to break the pack bond forced upon Riley and escape Alpha Gearhart, Shiloh does the unthinkable.

He mates with his big brother.

As they flee to safety and sanctuary, Shiloh and Riley are unable to deny the pull of the intense new bond between them. But as they struggle to adapt to the change in their dynamic, the threat of Alpha Gearhart’s retaliation looms over them.

Can Shiloh protect his omega mate? Or will the brothers be forced to choose between loyalty and survival by a ruthless alpha who will stop at nothing to reclaim Riley?


About the Author

Odessa Hywell is a taboo MM romance author with a book addiction and coffee problem, who lives in the Southern United States with her husband, their teenage son, who mocks her for being short, and way too many animals. In 2021, she decided because she is married to a twin it was best NOT to publish her books featuring twincest and other questionable themes under her married name as her husband would not approve.

—His loss, honestly.—

If you know who Odessa Hywell is, don’t be a snitch. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

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