Gilded Lies

by Julie Mannino

Book Cover: Gilded Lies
Part of the Midas series:
  • Gilded Lies

“Yes, I did help you even though you ignored my request when I was in far greater need.” A muscle twitched in Aurelius’s cheek, and he slowly turned his head to watch Jari as he passed. “You did nothing and acted as if I hadn't spoken. Did you think I’d forgotten your face in the past six years?”

Jari would prefer to leave certain things in the past even though they haunt him in the present. It wasn’t his fault, and he hadn’t been given a choice, but Aurelius Midas, the Crown Prince of Nova, still holds a grudge six years later.

With no other choice, Jari vows to stay and guard the Crown Prince. Someone has infiltrated the court, killed two people, and poisoned a third. The mad King Eurig does nothing about it, and with another Kingdom threatening them, things grow more dire.

Jari’s not like his Father, and he’ll keep his word. Aurelius is cruel, vicious, and as cold as the dagger that took his eye after birth, but he’s alone in a den full of snakes and cursed by events that happened long before his birth.

Aurelius is also the biggest serpent of them all. As the lies grow deeper, and he reveals his ability, Jari’s choices are whittled down.

Stay and bear his neck to the fangs, or break his word, and save himself.

About the Author

Julie Mannino lives in New England and primarily writes MM Fantasy.