Miners of the Mystics

by Penny Moss

Deep in the mountain where magic and mining coincide, penniless Oliver enlists as a Miner of the Mystics. The dream is unfathomable riches, the risk is injury or even death. A risk worth taking for just a glance at Sentinel Tau, an otherworldly being tasked with protecting the mountain’s inhabitants.

Oliver’s luck plummets when he suffers a magical curse. Even a wayward touch could hurt him or his friends, alienating Oliver from everyone but Tau, whose healing magic he needs to survive. Oliver aches for an echo of his feelings behind the Sentinel’s expressionless mask—and discovers it in unexpected ways.

When Oliver and his friends unearth a portal, the rarest artefact of all, he is plunged into a world of nightmares. There, he uncovers the gruesome origins of mining for the transmundane. The truth of what they might have unleashed upon their own world is only the beginning of a harrowing road Oliver stumbles down to be with Tau.

About the Author

Imperfect characters with a truckload of flaws are my absolute favourite. Their agency is theirs, they do what they want. I'm just over here documenting their stupidity.

I reside in soggy UK, lament their terrible food daily, and am old enough to have used a rotary phone as a kid. I grew up with religious and strict parents, so naturally, I'm a bisexual wreck who has forever had a love for monsters, but only recently discovered a love for writing.