My Brother’s Alien Match

by Sienna Sway

Book Cover: My Brother's Alien Match
Part of the Alien Mates series:
  • My Brother's Alien Match


I have traveled galaxies and through lifetimes, seeking my Sul, the other half of my soul. My search is what brings me to Earth. Deciding to use the human way to find love, I skeptically download the matchmaking app, Alien Mates. To my surprise, I feel my Sul’s presence in the photo of a human man.

But in person, Taylor does not sing to my soul. I do not understand.


I don’t need a date to the Cherry Blossom Ball, but my brother Taylor does. He’s just out of a messy breakup and I can’t help but take it upon myself to find someone for him to take as a date—someone that will make his ex jealous. And who could be hotter than an exotic alien on his arm?

Matching with Luno isn’t a surprise. No one can resist Taylor. But this alien gets to me in ways I can’t explain and putting him into Taylor's life might just kill me.

I’ve never been the jealous type. I know Taylor is the hotter brother. I know I don’t have much to offer, but I would give it all for a taste of Luno, tentacles and all…

My Brother’s Alien Match is the first in a series of M/M romcom novellas featuring humans and aliens finding love through a dating app.


About the Author

Sienna Sway is a Canadian with her head up in the clouds. Books and writing M/M are her lifelong passions. She has always adored scifi and fantasy and is currently living her dream by writing these books.