Never Say Never

by Odessa Hywell

Book Cover: Never Say Never
Part of the Mate Mistake series:

How far would you go to keep a brother who was never meant to be yours?

When Keenan, an alpha and enforcer for the Carbondale pack, realizes his stubborn refusal to acknowledge the truth of their relationship is the reason his omega brother is a shadow of his former self, he accepts the only way to fix what’s broken in Ellis is to give in to his wolf’s darkest desires.

During a high stakes game of truth or dare that takes an unexpected turn, he does the unthinkable.

He mates with his little brother.

As they seek solitude and succumb to the effects of the false heat triggered by the mate bite, Keenan and Ellis forget about the possible repercussions that await them at home.

Will Keenan get to keep his baby brother as his own? Or will the brothers be pulled apart before they have a chance to really be together, by an alpha who may be unwilling to make an exception for them?

About the Author

Odessa Hywell is a taboo MM romance author with a book addiction and coffee problem, who lives in the Southern United States with her husband, their teenage son, who mocks her for being short, and way too many animals. In 2021, she decided because she is married to a twin it was best NOT to publish her books featuring twincest and other questionable themes under her married name as her husband would not approve.

—His loss, honestly.—

If you know who Odessa Hywell is, don’t be a snitch. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

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