by Toby Wise

Book Cover: Nicolai
Part of the An Incubus' Mate series:

Nicolai is used to being the date, but never the partner. Being a changeling means that he’s no stranger to fulfilling someone’s fantasies. Everyone seems to have a preference for his appearance, but Nicolai’s never had someone see him. Until Gadreel.

Gadreel might be a demon of lust, but he’s always preferred the company of a long-term partner over flings. He’s had a hard time opening himself up again after heartbreak in the past. Until he meets a handsome security guard that helps mend his wounded heart.

Between council meetings, dealing with a prankster, and sharing some sexy chocolate, the two find their walls coming crashing down. Nicolai can quite literally be anyone and Gadreel is surprised to realize Nicolai is choosing to be his.

Nicolai is book two in An Incubus’ Mate series. Inside you’ll find an incubus falling for a changeling, hurt/comfort, silly moments that will leave you grinning, a mini-dragon, found family, and of course, a happily ever after!

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About the Author

Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a tiny town in Wisconsin. Contrary to popular Wisconsin stereotypes, he’s not a cheese-head who loves football but rather an introvert who spends all his time on the internet, drinking coffee, spending time with his kid, and cooing about his adorable cat, Pikachu.

In April of 2019, A Collection of Strays was born after the world of fanfiction drew him back into his love of writing. Now he’s writing all things omegaverse as long as it includes silly moments and found family.

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