Taint the Soul

by J.F. Miev

Book Cover: Taint the Soul
Part of the Devious Realms series:
  • Taint the Soul

Noah Araya has a single goal—save up enough and leave the Holy Empire before his secrets land him in jail. So when his superior asks him to assist in hosting a delegation from Asia, he can't say no. After all, having one of the most influential Church Ministers owe you is an advantage he can't pass on.

But forces beyond his control place him in the midst of a conflict between angels and demons when he meets a charming diplomat during the Gala, who has secrets of his own. He fuels Noah's hidden desires, showing him what he could have if he agrees to strike a deal with a demon.

As Noah makes his choice and enters the supernatural world, there is only one rule he must follow to remain part of it: never fall in love with something that might not be human.

Taint the Soul is a paranormal M/M romance about an artist who will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams in a world where good and evil might not be what they seem. It features a slightly altered Earth and history, dark themes, forbidden love, obsession, fated mates, morally gray decisions, angels, demons, a pinch of dystopia and an intriguing plot with a steamy romance. It is Book 1 in the Devious Realms series, can be read as a standalone and ends with a HEA.

About the Author

J.F. Miev loves to write romance with intriguing plot, mystery and high stakes where characters work together to get their HEA-s. She keeps the angst on the low- to medium end (unless she is tackling an enemies-to-lovers) and the spice high, but not overwhelming. When she’s not writing, she likes to enjoy the sun and play with her two mini-schnauzers, or if the weather isn’t cooperating, you’ll find her munching on chocolate or ice cream while reading.