Teeth and Tarot

by A.A. Fairview

Book Cover: Teeth and Tarot
Part of the le Fay Romances series:
  • Teeth and Tarot

Lance fled the comforts of his wealthy witch family and wants nothing to do with magic or the supernatural. But after a hookup gone wrong, he's dragged back into the world of witches, werewolves, and vampires.

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About the Author

Arin was born and raised along the American east coast and has called the city, the shore, and the country their home. They've come a long way from writing anime fanfiction in their bedroom and even have a BA in creative writing. When they're not writing Arin enjoys playing tabletop games, drinking coffee, and collecting bits and bobbles. They currently live in Stephen King's backyard with their partner, cat, and lizard.

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