Tentacles Rock

by K.C. Carmine

Book Cover: Tentacles Rock
Part of the Cryptic Alliance series:
  • Tentacles Rock

A tentacled waiter. A grumpy musician. A song that brings them together.


I arrived in Miami to learn about the restaurant business so I could sail towards my goal of taking over my dad’s taverna. Or so I thought. Because when I meet Rick, a talented rockstar with a body to die for, my love for music reawakens. In the past, I found out through heartbreak and rejection, that the world wouldn’t accept a musician with tentacles. I can’t jeopardize my future and disappoint my family for a fling with a rockstar, no matter how much me and my tentacles want him.


After months of creative block and fruitless search for a new sound, I find something even better. A muse. But the waiter with a dimpled smile and talented tentacles becomes so much more to me all too quickly. The music we create together touches my heart, but it’s Ner who finally steals it. His dominant streak hidden behind easy smiles, the alluring shade of his teal skin, and the things he can do with those tentacles blow my mind.

If only he didn't have to return to Greece and the future he had planned before our paths crossed.

Nereus and Rick’s lives couldn't be more different, their plans for the future more diverse, but the strength of their connection rivals the pull of the ocean. Will they have the courage to battle the storm of their lives to choose each other?

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About the Author

K.C. Carmine loves writing about people falling in love with a focus on characters and their (very spicy) journey to HEA. As a member of the queer community, it is important to her that her writing reflects the diversity of voices around her. While she is a lover of romance, she also enjoys horror, paranormal and mystery stories. When she’s not writing, she likes travelling, playing the guitar, video games, and reading.