The Accidental Summoning

by Addison Acres

Book Cover: The Accidental Summoning
Part of the The Accidental Summoning series:
  • The Accidental Summoning

Things can’t get much worse for Drew Phillips. Being a broke uni student who is still being harassed by his high school bully, he doesn't have many plans for his evening at home. In an effort to save money, he tries his hand at making a recipe for chicken noodle soup from his Grammy’s old cookbook. Somehow, he ends up with a demon in his kitchen instead of dinner.

Zach is not your typical demon. There’s no red skin, no horns, and no evil plans of murder and mayhem. Drew finds himself drawn to the tall, flirty, and oddly sweet demon, which gets even more complicated when he learns that he’s the one who needs to discover the spell to send Zach back.

Between Googling local wizards, mastering magic, wrangling demon kitties, and drinking as many double-shot peppermint mochas as he can, Drew will need to decide if ‘losing his virginity to a demon’ is something he wants on his bucket list.

Oh, and he might need to save Zach’s soul while he’s at it.

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About the Author

Addison Acres has a big smile and a gentle temperament which leads many to believe that she is sweet and innocent. Given that she loves to write raunchy M/M stories, many with a hefty dash of kink or taboo, this is patently untrue.

Addision lives in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia, swears like a pirate, and is a profound supporter of the Oxford comma. She is a crazy chicken lady and will spend countless hours just hanging with her flock.

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