The Red Dragon’s Mate

by Delaney Rain

Paranormal investigator Clark Banning is in Maine to try to get to the bottom of the local legend of the Red Dragon of Piney Bay. While he isn’t sure this episode will ever air since his show is on the chopping block with the streaming channel, he has just enough work ethic left to see the investigation through.

But Clark didn’t count on a nosy innkeeper, a committee of busybody old ladies, witnesses who didn’t see a single useful thing, or his complete inability to resist a man who was way too young for him. And when Clark discovers that there really is a dragon, he’s horrified to realize the past five years of his life were a lie, not the truth he thought he was living.

Discovering that the man he’s been panting after is a dragon shifter who believes Clark is his mate lets Clark leave his past behind and move toward his future. But does that future include debunking paranormal phenomena, or should he let these stories fade back into legend?

This novella has a hot and steamy instalove story with an age gap, mild angst because of some painful memories, unreliable witnesses, shifted smexiness, and a bunch of supportive dragons with a HEA ending.

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About the Author

Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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