The Unicorn’s Mate

by Delaney Rain

Most places in Uthar don’t survive without a unicorn to support the natural world, and Baila Nahon is no exception after their unicorn passes away. Mayor Archer Cole, desperate to save his farming village from relentless drought, puts an ad in the national paper for any unicorn to come and save them. Unfortunately, none will stay once they see the devastated village…until Rourke Renyay. Now the villagers of Baila Nahon must show the unicorn they’re worth saving.

Rourke is young and doesn’t yet have access to his magic, but he’s full of hope and a desire to be useful. As a rare male unicorn, he knows he’ll be accepted anywhere, but he wants to be embraced for himself, not his novelty. When he meets Archer, Rourke knows he’s found the right place to fall in love, access his magic, and save a peaceful, country village. He just has to convince a virgin that he’s worth loving and show the villagers that all love is precious.

Though times are changing, prejudices still exist, and some of the villagers have a big problem with being host to a gay unicorn…especially when the trans mayor they barely tolerate gets involved with him. Can Archer and Rourke change minds and save Baila Nahon, or will they be forced to take their love—and their magic—elsewhere and consign a village to the desert?

This book has a slow-burn love story with a toppy unicorn and a nervous virgin, mild angst because of small-town prejudices, strong women getting sh*t done, giant puppers pulling wagons, and unicorns who are horsey below the waist with a HEA ending.

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About the Author

Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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