The Wolf Boss & His Darling

by Elm Jed

Book Cover: The Wolf Boss & His Darling
Part of the Mafia, Murder, and Mayhem Series series:
  • The Wolf Boss & His Darling

The Wolf Boss, Rodney McLycan, of the Underground Mafia is known for his blunt stubborn attitude, keeping most beings at arm’s length. While trying to move on from the past, he’s distracted by the attempted murder of himself and his Pack. Adamant in finding the culprit, Rodney’s brought face to face with an unlikely being to aid him—a beautiful, strong-willed bartender named Meg, who becomes his only link in finding those responsible. Determined not to fail his Pack, Rodney strikes a deal, hoping history won’t repeat itself.

With each step forward, more and more of Meg’s secrets are discovered. Some intrigue the werewolf alpha, while others bring danger to his door. Perhaps even the “She-Devil” of Topside.

As Rodney works with his Pack, his “lil sis,” and an unlikely ally to find the answers. He may soon realize his only salvation could be the one whose eyes keep reminding him of home.

Being late for brunch will be the least of this Wolf Boss’ problems, as he finds himself and those he loves thrown into a sticky web filled with the mafia, murder, and, of course, mayhem.

About the Author

Elm Jed is a genderfluid, Bi Marine Corps veteran, who’s been writing since they were ten years old with a degree in Theatre. They live with their husband, who is their biggest supporter from making sure they’re caffeinated to listening to them ramble for hours about chaotic ideas. They spend most of their time jotting down ideas, reading novellas that make them laugh, or attending Renaissance Festivals with their greatest friends.