The Sea Monster's Mate

Eric Baird lives alone on an island. Er, well, he thought he was alone until he nearly drowned and was saved by Tyfodorus. Ty looks half-human and half-squid and they’d like to use this island’s lagoon to breed…with Eric’s help. Would Eric like to host Ty’s eggs?

The Bigfoot's Mate

Anthropologist Ramsey Kaye survives a small plane crash in the forest, but is prevented from getting immediate help by injuries and bad weather. Though he’s out here looking for Bigfoot evidence, he’s still terrified when the real thing finds him taking shelter in the wrecked plane. But now he’s living in a cave with the hairy brute and discovering the big guy might not be so beastly after all. In fact, Ramsey might just be falling in love with Bigfoot.

The Incubus's Mate

Edgar Van Helsing isn’t technically a monster hunter, but he does have a monster fetish when he’s searching the back alleys of Cleveland in January trying to find a nightclub he’s only seen online. After fulfilling a fantasy with Sai Patel, he goes home with him for more fun only to discover they’ve been snowed in and the city’s on lockdown. Having more time to spend with Sai is fantastic, but then Edgar discovers that Sai wasn’t wearing a costume at the club—he really is an incubus. Can Edgar go back to his simple life on the family farm, or will he change his life to fall in love with a monster?

The Aliens' Mate

(Description coming soon!)

The Demon's Mate

Crispin Cressley doesn't believe the boring dude who tells him he's bound for hell because his father wanted to be wealthy. But when Crowley transforms into a red demon with huge black horns, Cris is forced to confront the fact he has 30 days to become a better man, one hell won't want. And this demon is determined to turn Cris into a damned angel if he has to.

The Unicorn's Mate

Arc Agina is desperate to save his little village and himself by recruiting a new unicorn to restore the fields and forests to their former glory and allow magic to last. But is he willing to become part of the bargain when the only unicorn interested is a rare male? Because everyone knows a unicorn needs love to truly access their magic.