Anthropologist Ramsey Kaye survives a small plane crash in the forest, but is prevented from getting immediate help by injuries and bad weather. Though he’s out here looking for Bigfoot evidence, he’s still terrified when the real thing finds him taking shelter in the wrecked plane.

Now he’s living in a cave with the hairy brute and discovering the big guy might not be so beastly after all. In fact, Ramsey might just be falling in love with Bigfoot.

Ramsey’s spent his life wanting to prove Bigfoot’s existence to the world, but now that he has all the evidence he could ever want, he’s not sure he wants to share.

But what if people come looking for him, intent on rescuing him? Does he stay or go?

Is love enough of a reason for Ramsey to abandon his modern life to remain here in the forest as Bigfoot’s mate?

The Bigfoot's Mate by Delaney Rain
The Bigfoot's Mate by Delaney Rain

An Excerpt from The Bigfoot's Mate

A yawn overtook him, and Ramsey put his journal away. The light was quickly fading so even though the rain was barely a sprinkle now, he’d wait until morning to find the rest of his things and start hiking. With his ankle propped up and his arm tucked against his chest, he tried to relax so he might be able to sleep.

That was when he heard a low moaning hoot sort of sound. He nearly jumped out of his skin. What the hell was that? Heart pounding, he strained to see out into the darkening forest. Was that a bear? He didn’t have any food, but he was surrounded by little dead bodies. Or was it a moose or a wild pig? Did they have those here?

The sound came again, but from a different direction. Was it circling him? Or was there more than one? Bears didn’t hunt in packs. And it didn’t sound like a wolf. No, it was definitely not a howl or barking sound. It was kind of moo-ish only more growly. He didn’t know enough about wildlife to identify something like this.

A twig snapped nearby and he froze.

Something was out there.

Trying very hard not to give away that he was out here, too, Ramsey stared into the deepening twilight. He just needed to know what it was. Deer? Fine, shoo. Bear? Well, he’d read once that they might run when startled. Might. Oh, maybe he could throw a goose at it to scare it away!

He heard a metallic creak, like something was touching the plane. Leaning over to grasp a goose, he realized that was a bad idea as the tarp loudly crinkled.

Ramsey’s heart was going to explode. He’d just told the whatever-it-was that he was here. So they both knew something else was nearby. It was so quiet now. No movement, nothing to hear but the strained rush of his own breathing. It was listening for him, too.

He legit wanted to run. His fight or flight was definitely on the side of fleeing into the forest. But would the something chase him? And he wouldn’t get far with his ankle. Or go very fast. No climbing trees or scaling rock walls for him.

The thing out there gave a little grunt. Ramsey flinched. It was on the other side of the plane from him, really close, but that sound also seemed like a question. Like the thing was asking for an answer.

Suddenly, a massive form blocked out what little light remained. Ramsey gasped, staring in horror at a pair of massive, hairy thighs. The creature leaned down and peered into the plane with big, gold eyes.

A scream leapt from Ramsey’s throat as he got his wish to come face-to-face with a real live Bigfoot.

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