A companion short story to The Demon's Mate

Uriah Priest died in 1880 in his room at The Canyon Hotel in Blinkwater, Arizona, and hasn’t been able to move on despite over a century of trying.

When runaway Shepard Knox brings his deceased brother, Oakley, right into Priest’s hotel room, Priest is sure that reincarnation is real. Oakley doesn’t just look like Priest’s lost love, he acts like him, too.

But when Shepard is caught by police, Oakley’s time with Priest is cut short as the living boy is returned to his abusive uncle. Priest is alone again until Max and Sal from THE DEMON’S MATE arrive to commune with the ghosts and end up freeing them all.

Now Priest is on a mission to reunite with Oakley and do whatever he can to help him and Shepard, even if it means flying across the country to Salem, Massachusetts.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Must be read after THE DEMON’S MATE to avoid spoilers.