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Delaney Rain writes about all kinds of monsters and other creatures who’re looking for love and finding it with unsuspecting human men.

Tentacles? You bet! Bigfoot? He’s real! Incubi? Yummy! Unicorns? Yes, please! Aliens? Bring the probes!

And watch this space for more things that go bump in the night and the men who love them.

Current Writing Progress

Work In Progress

The Space Alien's Mate
1% Complete
324 of 40,000 words
Lucius Martin has been abducted by aliens. You know what that means!

Latest Release

The Incubus's Mate
104% Complete
31,256 of 30,000 words
Pre-orders are now available! Releasing 28 August 2021.

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Delaney's Amazon Rating
"OMG - so yes, this book has all of the tentacle loving that you could want, but what I wasn't expecting was how ADORABLE and sweet this story is!"
"This is the first book I've read that featured Bigfoot and I was thoroughly captivated by the world building and character development and storyline."