Embracing Magic

by Toby Wise

Book Cover: Embracing Magic
Part of the A Collection of Familiars series:
  • Embracing Magic

Casper, with a magical compass in hand, hits the road to find his spark. He’s not sure what to expect but he certainly isn’t prepared for his spark, Ray, to not know that she’s living in a world surrounded by the supernatural. Casper’s determined to do everything in his power to help Ray embrace her magic.

Zeke is a banshee who helps usher ghosts into the afterlife. The last thing he’s expecting is to find his true mate during one of these hunts. As happy as Zeke is, he can’t help but worry how his mate will react when Casper learns he’s mated to a monster.

Embracing Magic is book two in A Collection of Familiars. This MM book features a platonic familiar/spark bond, true mates, a lion familiar falling for a banshee, self acceptance, mpreg, and of course a happily ever after!

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About the Author

Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a tiny town in Wisconsin. Contrary to popular Wisconsin stereotypes, he’s not a cheese-head who loves football but rather an introvert who spends all his time on the internet, drinking coffee, spending time with his kid, and cooing about his adorable cat, Pikachu.

In April of 2019, A Collection of Strays was born after the world of fanfiction drew him back into his love of writing. Now he’s writing all things omegaverse as long as it includes silly moments and found family.

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