An MM Hanahaki Novella

by Zile Elliven


Me? In love with a fictional character? Of course not! So why was I coughing up flowers every time I thought about the fictional character from my favorite video game?

Areth was a sexy, badass monster and utterly perfect, but none of that mattered because he wasn’t real. If I really was in love with him, I was going die, and there was nothing I could do about it.

This story contains:

  • Unrealistic size difference resolved by magic
  • Fated mates
  • A very small dog
  • Monster love
  • Dimension hopping
  • Wanton destruction of furniture
  • So very many flowers

Fated is a ridiculous 16,000-word novella with super heckin' gay monster sexy times.


About the Author

Zile is a proud member of the alphabet mafia and loves to write neurodiverse main characters and explore their challenges in a lighthearted way. Zile tends to lean into tropes involving grumpy/sunshine pairings and jealous and possessive main characters. When not writing, you can find Zile binging C-dramas, baking, and playing with all of his cats.