Captured by the Warrior Dragon

by Delaney Rain

Sergeant Rampon Molwynog is a Cero soldier assigned to protect the prince and the prince's mission to bring aid to the humans of Earth...even if some of the humans keep resisting those efforts. While on a team investigating a recent rash of break-ins at nanobot distribution centers, Rampon is accidentally abducted by the perpetrators. Knowing his team will find him shortly and not looking forward to explaining what happened, he's taking a much-needed break while waiting for rescue.

Quincy Boone is a Marine without a mission and half a leg who happens to overhear that some local boys captured an alien. Not willing to let that go, Quincy finds where they're holding the big lizard and helps free him. It's while they're hiding out in Quincy's basement that curiosities come out and things get x-rated. Then the bad guys show up at Quincy's door and send the pair on a high speed chase to get away.

When the dust finally settles on their adventures, will these two soldiers have what it takes to stay together, even if it means one of them gives up everything else in his life?

Captured by the Dragon Warrior features an anthropomorphic lizard as an alien, hurt/comfort themes, a self-thrusting peen, abduction and rescue, military service, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the fourth in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.

Content warning: physical violence, blood and burns, use of fire as a weapon, amputation

About the Author

Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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