Knotted by the Wolf Prince

by Delaney Rain

Logan Parrish was a Cleveland police officer for all of two days when aliens that look like wolves, foxes, bunnies, and a bunch of other animals suddenly arrived. They claim they come in peace and just want to share their knowledge and tech with humans to improve everyone's lives. At first, Logan isn't sure what to believe.

But when he's acting as security while the Norlons visit Earth for the first time, Logan can't stand by and let a big black wolf get shot. Logan takes the hits himself.

Prince Alam Ye Lena knew the humans of Earth wouldn't embrace them with open arms, but he never anticipated violence. When a human man puts himself between Alam and certain death, Alam doesn't hesitate to fly back up to his ship and take his savior with him.

In the coming weeks, Logan sees that the Norlons really are here to help and devotes himself to their cause. He quickly gets closer to the prince leading the delegation and knows he's found the love of his life in a big furry wolf.

But a faction calling themselves Humans First refuses to see the possibilities of an alliance with aliens and brings explosive suffering to the Norlons. Can Logan and Alam survive the ordeal and come out stronger on the other side?

Knotted by the Wolf Prince features an anthropomorphic wolf as an alien, a human cop turned consultant, boss/employee relationship, lots of knotting (obvi), cuddles with fluffy black fur, licks and kisses, nanobots healing everything, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the first in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.

Content warnings: violence, death (not main character), blood, terrorism, and medical procedures with needles

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About the Author

Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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