A Sucker for You

by Toby Wise

Dating is complicated. Dating while also hiding the fact that you can change into an octopus might as well be impossible.

Matteo is a self-proclaimed disaster when it comes to crushes. Especially when that crush, Simon, is gorgeous, kind, and smells like everything good in the world.

Thankfully for Matteo, Simon enjoys taking the lead and helping Matteo out of his bubble. The bad news? Neither of them know much about Matteo’s shifter side and things quickly grow complicated when Matteo’s octopus instincts unknowingly choose Simon as his mate.

Simon and Matteo will have to work through pheromones, extra appendages, and mating instincts. Can a human and a shifter find common ground and choose each other? Or will complications come between them?

A Sucker for You is set in the Collection of Strays world and features tentacles, eggpreg, and of course, a happily ever after.

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About the Author

Toby Wise is a stay at home parent who hails from a tiny town in Wisconsin. Contrary to popular Wisconsin stereotypes, he’s not a cheese-head who loves football but rather an introvert who spends all his time on the internet, drinking coffee, spending time with his kid, and cooing about his adorable cat, Pikachu.

In April of 2019, A Collection of Strays was born after the world of fanfiction drew him back into his love of writing. Now he’s writing all things omegaverse as long as it includes silly moments and found family.

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