The Minotaur’s Mate

by Delaney Rain

Can a bull-headed man and a marshmallow-hearted bull unite to prevent a war and save a people?

All his life, Nat Konstantinidis has watched helplessly as his people sacrificed their own to the Minotaurs who dominate this planet. Are they killed? Are they eaten? No one knows what happens to the captives, but Nat is determined that this is the year it finally ends. Whatever it takes, he’s going to stop the sacrifices.

But from the first moment he’s handed over to one of the beasts, nothing is what he thought it would be. Now Nat doesn’t know what to believe, but he might know whom to trust—the Minotaur prince Nat might not hate as much as he thought he did.

What’s a virgin to do when a big brute looks at him with hearts in his eyes while making promises about saving the world together? And did he just propose?

This novella has an enemies-to-lovers, virgin hero, size difference story with sci-fi elements, a bull-headed human and a marshmallow-hearted bull, spying on your neighbors, shopping for sex toys, one heck of a history lesson, monster-sized anatomy, megalomaniacs fighting to stay in control, and a little stabbing, but there’s a wedding and a HEA ending.

Cover Artists:

Delaney Rain

About the Author

Delaney Rain is an author of M/M paranormal romances featuring supernatural creatures and the men who love them.
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